For us, environmental sustainability is an issue of utmost importance. To reduce CO2 emissions, we constantly upgrade our truck fleet, which is almost entirely composed of euro 6. We sensitize our training crew to stimulate our drivers to apply eco-friendly driving. Thanks to our fleet monitoring program, we manage to organize the journey of our vehicles at best, reducing empty mileage as much as possible. 


In 2008 Logistica Fratelli Ferrara was one of the first logistics operators to install a photovoltaic system to minimize the energy impact. This system helped to avoid the emission into the atmosphere of around 400.000 kg of CO2. The panels cover the entire warehouse area and they can generate up to 100 kW of energy.  

Advantages of photovoltaic panels

  • 100 kW plant
  • 30.000 kg of CO2 emissions avoided in a year
  • equivalent to the quantity of CO2 absorbed by a forest of 2100 trees