Miscellaneous goods

In addition to the transport and the storage of dangerous goods and pet food, we work also with more conventional products; among the most handled and stored goods we manage:

  • Footwear
  • Veterinary medicinal products, pesticides
  • Conductors, cables, and wiring
  • Floors
  • Household goods component
  • Wadding
  • Chemical/sanitary plastics products
  • Industrial chillers
  • Photovoltaic panels

and any other kind of general items, including food that doesn't need controlled temperature.


Our work involves groupage and complete transports throughout the country. Thanks to technical software, we can track the fleet in real-time, and we can organize deliveries respecting your every need.


We have warehouses of around 4.000 sqm dedicated to the storage of miscellaneous goods; they are managed by a logistics program that allows you to track and withdraw the goods and which can give you the required data for the document preparation.